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    Medication Counseling

    We like to establish a cloud of knowledge and motivation to create consciousness in the patient’s mind. It is easier for them to take the medication on time and keep up with the medical process.

What is medication counseling about?

Medication Counseling

Our certified pharmacist takes care of educating, assisting, advising, and providing all information required for the patient to understand and complete the healing process, providing them at the same time one way for a healthier life.

Treatment's effectiveness relies on the patient's knowledge and correct medication use.

However, without understanding the medical process and its medicines, separating a patient from their treatment could lead to an extension of necessary care, a higher impact on the economy as resources get used inefficiently, mismanagement of limited resources, and a step-back in the medical services and process.

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What we usually talk about during medication counseling

Here's how we often interact and assist patients in medication counseling sessions.

Understanding the base knowledge

As healthcare professionals, we always ask our patients what they know about their condition and how it affects the body. We also ask them about their medications and treatments and how effective they are at fighting the disease.

We would like to know how much they take of the medicine, on what daily basis, the expected results after a day or a week of treatment, and most importantly, how they feel in the process.

Current process adjustment

Based on the previous step, we like to gradually provide the patient with adjustments to correct their base knowledge.

For example, based on the patient's medical background, we like to discuss possible reactions to the medication, expectations of the treatment in different scenarios, discuss allergy complications, proper ways for dosage and administration, importance of timing when it comes to making an impact on their condition, how they should feel on every step of the process, and how family and doctor support could aid their recovery.

Providing extra tools

Patient adherence to medication and the whole medical process is sometimes difficult.

Perhaps they do not understand well what they have, lack important details on how to take the medication, or just forget because they do not see its importance.

In every case, we like to make things as easy as possible for them to understand and remember all essential information.

For example, we like to use basic and common words to avoid medical terms whenever possible. We also want to propose dosage-related activities, like taking the meds before a specific event, so their body responds better to that activity.

We show them what foods usually help in case of the bad taste of medicine, labels, and stickers to note in-time, correct medication use, and more.

Economy and health

Sometimes it is helpful to talk about how much we can save by taking the right pills, at the right time, and the right way.

How important it is to follow the doctor's instructions so our health can improve and we can avoid hospitalization and extra complications.

We can speed up our recovery and resume our activities by understanding how the medication works in our bodies and how to prevent adverse drug reactions.

Extra precautions

We check for every detail related to the patient's condition and medication.

We review patient allergies and sensitivities to certain substances. What other possible reactions the medicine may have on the patient, always considering their age, gender, and any other condition or process they may be under.

We also talk about what kind of environment the medication should be stored in and how to manage it properly.

24/7 Medical Attention

Attention, professionalism, and availability is very important to us. That's why we like to stay in touch with our patients and provide them with continuance in our services.

We give our patients ways to keep in touch with our medication counseling service.

We also provide a 24/7 pharmacy and delivery service that can be used as an open line for questioning and consultation about medication and lifestyle.

Exceptional primary care in-office and at your assisted living facility

Lajas Medical Group's patient satisfaction makes us an industry leader in delivering health care, In-Office or at your Facility, both at your convenience.


Lajas Medical Group offers convenient in-office appointments for a complete range of primary care services.

We take our time to get to know our patients, their preferences, and their needs to achieve the best results.

Assisted Living

We provide comprehensive primary care services on-site at Florida Assisted Living Facilities. There is no need to transport patients or worry about scheduling lab tests or filling out forms.

We come to you and care for everything to ensure your residents' quality of life and well-being.

Why Choose Lajas Medical Group?

We offers an holistic primary care and lab testing in our office or on-site at your Florida Assisted Living Facility. Lajas Medical Group delivers world-class care at your convenience. Our outstanding medical team, in-house lab, flexible scheduling and transportation service make it easy for you to get the quality care you deserve.

Transportation Available

Lajas Medical offers Medicare patients convenient transportation to and from our facilities. We can accommodate people with special needs or disabilities.

24/7 On Call Assistance

At Lajas Medical Group, availability and fast response are our hallmarks. For non-emergency care, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For medical emergencies, call 911.

Bilingual Doctors & Staff

We work to eliminate language barriers. Our doctors and other staff are sensitive to speakers of other languages and most are fluent in Spanish and English.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Lajas Medical Group is your one-stop primary care solution, offering comprehensive care in our office or on-site at your assisted living facility in Clearwater and throughout Florida.

30+ Years of Experience

Our award-winning, board-certified doctors and licensed staff have decades of experience. You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible care.

Multiple Insurances

We accept most big traditional Medicare insurances, such as Aetna and Wellcare. We also accept major commercial insurance services, including Cigna and many others.

Insurances Accepted

We accept most big insurance plans whose ensigns come below. However, communicate our office or call your insurance company to corroborate, If you have any another insurance questions.

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Lajas Medical Group offers convenient, personalized patient care in our centrally located Tampa office and on-site at Assisted Living Facilities throughout Florida.

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